A Mentor Can Help You Succeed Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Years ago when I began writing, I took a course from Marty Waterman. In the beginning, Marty asked me to do a mind map. I did.

Marty wanted me to write about many subjects, but my number one interest was computer graphics and photography, partly because I needed some programs and couldn’t afford to buy them.

At the time, Marty showed me a shelf of software and told me I could probably do better than him. I remember thinking he was full of it, but I didn’t say anything.

Fast forward a few years. I became Marty’s number one protege’ AND, I had (no joke) 10 liquor store boxes full of software, the result of writing hundreds of reviews and tutorials.

For those who might be wondering why I succeeded, there were several reasons, which were, my back was against the wall, and I had no other choice. The other reason was I followed the instructions to the letter and NEVER thought I could do better. Those are the reasons for my success.

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