Equipment Necessary to Do Interviews

When recording an interview, there are several inexpensive and simple options. One option is to have a dedicated phone line or high-quality Internet phone service for making your calls. Get a VEC TRX-20 3.5MM Direct Connect Telephone Record Device (ADAPTER ONLY). It plugs into the handset and cord. It comes with a mini jack that…

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Do You Hate Writing? Here are 3 Fast Ways to Create Content with Interviews

There are three fast ways to create interviews. They are: The one-on-one phone interview The email interview The hybrid interview The one-on-one interview is a recorded phone call which can be audio or audio and video. You can ask questions based on a list you’ve created. Or, if something interesting comes up you could generate…

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If You Hate to Write, Here Are Some Alternatives

Yesterday I put together a post about book writing. Out of that were some interesting comments which I’d like to share with you. James Aschcroft said, “My friend just wrote a book by going to lunch with a friend and talking through the chapter points. He recorded the back and forth and got his content this…

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