"Nathan Segal Was Always An Asset To My Team"

"Nathan Segal was always an asset to my team. His knowledge of the IT industry, especially the graphics, 3D and photography areas, is top notch." "I would recommend him in a heartbeat, and enjoyed working with him over the years through many tasks, from website redesign, to technical writing, to working with freelance writers." Scott Clark Executive Editor, Jupitermedia Corp.

"As An Editor, He Was Always Able To Add That 'Special Touch' To My Articles..."

"In working with Nathan over the years, I have always found him to be straight and to the point." "His goal has always been to produce the best product possible, whether it was writing, photography, or Web design." "As an editor, he was always able to add that 'special touch' to my articles to make them better. " "Nathan is a true team player. I enjoyed the time that I worked with him and appreciated his insight and experience." Lee Underwood Managing Editor/Site Manager, Internet.com

Testimonials for Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing

"5.0 out of 5 stars: A Straight Forward Nuts and Bolts Guide"

"Nathan Segal has identified the problem area facing today's aspiring professional writers. Many do not treat their writing endeavors as a business." "Being able to string words together in a comprehensible, enlightening, and entertaining manner is not enough." "Being able to market oneself to vendors who will pay well in exchange for creating content that will satisfy their needs and wants is the key ingredient in achieving and sustaining a successful freelance career." "Nathan has proven that his stategies, techniques and tools work well and should be the foundation for others to follow. I have a feeling that we will see and hear more from Nathan in the future and it would be wise for all of us to look, listen and learn." David Hyland

"5.0 out of 5 stars Book Review - Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing"

"I have been writing for some time, but most of this writing has been done personally instead of professionally." "This book, though short, was full of so many resources for the would-be freelance writer. I was amazed at how easy this book was to read and understand. I also was impressed at how much could be placed into one book." "This little book was a ready reference guide for all writers, and it was one that I will definitely keep around to assist me in the future as I continue to write and possibly look to writing professionally in the future as well." Dad of Divas

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