Do You Hate Writing? Here are 3 Fast Ways to Create Content with Interviews

There are three fast ways to create interviews. They are:

  • The one-on-one phone interview
  • The email interview
  • The hybrid interview

The one-on-one interview is a recorded phone call which can be audio or audio and video. You can ask questions based on a list you’ve created.

Or, if something interesting comes up you could generate more (and possibly better) content than with your list. If you’re new to interviewing, it’s best to stick with your list. In time, as you become more experienced, you can use other questions.

The email interview is designed for the person who wants to work at their pace and to write out the answers to the questions. As an interviewer, I used this technique many times. It allows the interviewee to think about their answers and take their time.

On the positive side, the editing is straightforward and can often be done quickly. On the minus side, it can take a lot of time to write out the answers, and you lose the spontaneity you will receive a live phone interview.

The hybrid interview is where you answer the questions by speaking and recording your voice.

On the up side, this is much faster than writing out your answers. On the minus side, you still don’t have the spontaneity of a live phone interview.

Questions? Write to me.