If You Hate to Write, Here Are Some Alternatives

Yesterday I put together a post about book writing. Out of that were some interesting comments which I’d like to share with you.

James Aschcroft said, “My friend just wrote a book by going to lunch with a friend and talking through the chapter points. He recorded the back and forth and got his content this way.”

Hardy Bin Mohamad said: “A friend of mine recommended me to try writing on my android phone and I have to admit, it’s actually much better than I thought. I can write anywhere at anytime and it feels like I’m texting a story to myself. Usually, I have a hard time writing a novel at home because it’s distracting but on a phone, it’s very different. It just works with me for some reason.”

Dave Schwartz shared the following, “here’s a short version of what I do:

1. Make a list of FAQs that relate to the topic.
2. Make list of SAQs (Should ask questions).
3. FAQs are the chapters.
4. SAQs fit inside the chapters except for the best ones which come at the end of the book.

(This is part of the Info Product I built over the weekend.)”

Another reader spoke about the dictation process using software. What he was referring to is a product known as Dragon Naturally Speaking, an app where you speak into a microphone and the words are recorded on the page. Be aware that it takes some work to train the app to your voice. It’s also not the fastest way to go, but if you hate typing, this is an alternative.

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