Joint Ventures, One of the Best Ways to Make Money From Your Writing

Several years ago I bought an Internet marketing course. During the course I learned many things and, after studying for a while, I came upon the section on joint ventures. At the time, I’d written a book called, The Photoshop Companion, which gave some tutorials on how to use Photoshop and the various peripherals.

Using what I learned in the course (Protege’), I began shopping it around. I struck gold when I pitched it to the Corel Corporation. As part of my pitch, I said, “I know what I’ve written is a conflict, I’d like to take my tutorials and brand them to your PHOTO-PAINT product. What do you think?” The answer was a resounding “Yes,” and I entered into a joint venture with them.

My arrangement with them was somewhat unusual; they offered to include my book as a value-add with their software, and I would receive $10 for each unit sold. Later, the fee was reduced to $5/software package sold. Still, Corel bundled my ebook, along with 2 hours of video with their software and put it into the marketplace.

Over some months, they sold over 11,000 copies of my book, and I earned over $90,000.00 in royalties. It was a great way to make money, and this illustrates the power of joint ventures. If you want to make money from your writing, I strongly suggest you learn about this technique. You could do as well, and probably better than I did.

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