Build Your Brand Fast By Helping People Online

This is a variation on the selfless giving theme. In this case, you consider your business concept and come up with several keywords. After that, you use your keywords to find forums, groups or live streaming opportunities which match your business concept. Next, you join the forums, groups or live streaming broadcasts. Next, you scan…

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The Best Way to Deal With Haters, Bullies, and Trolls

Let’s face it, once you start writing you’re going to attract haters, bullies, and trolls (some might say these words are interchangeable). Many of these angry people will fling abuse at you in one way or another in an attempt to get under your skin. They might accuse you of something you never did, bully…

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A Mentor Can Help You Succeed Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Years ago when I began writing, I took a course from Marty Waterman. In the beginning, Marty asked me to do a mind map. I did. Marty wanted me to write about many subjects, but my number one interest was computer graphics and photography, partly because I needed some programs and couldn’t afford to buy…

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