The Hidden Benefits of Selfless Giving

The major premises behind selfless giving are building relationships and community. My journey began in an innocent way. On a Google Hangout on Air, I was asked to give a presentation. I did and wound up with three fans, immediately. One of these was Roland Takaoka, who I mentioned in my previous post. Shortly afterward,…

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The Best Writing Advice

When I began writing professionally many years ago, I was lucky to have a mentor, a man who showed me everything I needed to know. I followed his advice and attained success, quickly. There were many things he said to me and one of these was a piece which has guided me for my entire…

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You Must Be Talented to Succeed as a Writer

False. Contrary to popular belief, great writers weren’t born that way. They had to learn their craft. Many people don’t know this, but I was in a remedial writing class in grade 8 because I was having trouble with English. And as for writing as a career, I turned it down because I didn’t want…

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