The Hidden Benefits of Selfless Giving

The major premises behind selfless giving are building relationships and community.

My journey began in an innocent way. On a Google Hangout on Air, I was asked to give a presentation. I did and wound up with three fans, immediately. One of these was Roland Takaoka, who I mentioned in my previous post.

Shortly afterward, I decided to do a Google Hangout on air to answer some spiritual questions people had asked. Roland became my co-host, and we did several shows together.

After that, I discovered Blab and embraced that platform. I followed Roland’s advice and made many friends there. A lot of my time was spent experimenting, bouncing in and out of Blabs and hosting a few of my own.

From Roland, I learned to help people first and not to pitch anything unless the host asked me what I do.

One thing led to another.

Several interviews followed. I was asked to talk about my business, one of my Blab friends helped me come up with a business idea potentially worth millions, I received several editing jobs, a book writing contract, and the offer of a joint venture. All of this came from selfless giving.

In this day and age, I’ve learned an important truth. If you want to succeed in life, you need to build strong relationships first.

Once people know you’re for real, that you genuinely care about them, business will naturally follow.

If you master the art of selfless giving, you will have more than customers. You will have lifelong friends.

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