You Must Be Talented to Succeed as a Writer

False. Contrary to popular belief, great writers weren’t born that way. They had to learn their craft.

Many people don’t know this, but I was in a remedial writing class in grade 8 because I was having trouble with English.

And as for writing as a career, I turned it down because I didn’t want to have a lot of paper around me.

Six months later, I was fired from a job. When my mentor offered to teach me how to write, I said “Yes” because I didn’t have any other opportunities.

I succeeded for two reasons; my back was against the wall, and I had no other choice.

When I consider my first articles, they were truly cringeworthy. Fortunately, I had some great editors. Two of these were David Tanaka and Joe White. David Tanaka steered me in the direction of tutorial writing which is my number one strength, while Joe White performed some incredible editing on a complex article. To this day I am grateful to both of them.

If you’re beginning as a writer, be prepared to write articles that suck. Be prepared to write and rewrite. Over time, you will begin to develop a style, and as you continue to practice, your work will improve.

And one last thing, never, ever quit, no matter what anyone says. If you believe you can succeed, you will find a way. It is that simple.

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